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In many ways it’s hard to be a woman

We grow up being shown how we should look, told how we should act, and criticized for how we feel. We’re pressured to be sexy while being shamed for having sex; encouraged to create a career and faulted for being a working mom.

It’s very confusing!

All of these conflicting messages are compounded when it comes to having healthy relationships with men. So many of us end up making bad decisions – decisions that mean we end up with men who are neglectful, distant, or even abusive.

Sadly, most of us tie our value to how men treat us. And many women end up with low self-esteem, eating disorders, depression, or even suicide.

We all go through it

It’s easy to give in to self loathing and let the cycle continue. But it takes a strong woman to grow and learn from her experience.

That’s why we’re here.

We’re sharing our stories and inspiring women to be embrace womanhood and use it for the powerful gift it is. Plus a few tips we’ve learned about men and relationships.

Here are our most popular articles about being a confident woman.

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